Welcome to the Stone Grille

Our next dance is March 11 at 9pm… don’t miss out and get ready to kick it old school.

DJ MADNESS will be spinning the hits that you love from the 80’s and 90’s. Grab your platform shoes, your hooped earrings and dust off your dance moves and hit the floor cause another great night of epic fun is only a few days away.


There has been so much interest in this event.. truly overwhelming. To all those wishing to participate, please see the below update on event details.

Thank you for your interest in our Psychic Event night. This event is to be held on March 18 starting at 7pm and ending at midnight. FREE PUBLIC ADMISSION.

Our event is open to all persons with such talents or gifts. We will also be opening the event up to sellers/home crafts persons who’s products compliment this event, from scents, to stones and related artifacts.

Each person participating in this event will have a space with table provided. You may decorate or bring materials needed to make your space your own. Free standing walls for privacy or screens are welcome, we want each participant to stand out with their own uniqueness based on their craft or talent.

Participation requires a $30 table/area fee. The event will be publicized on social media and outdoor signage. Participants are more then welcome to post on their own social media linking The Stone Grille and we will promote all in our weekly updates of upcoming events.

We look forward to making this a great night out for all. To book your spot, please call the venue after 5:30pm and reserve with a major credit card or with cash in person.

Spring is heating up and these “gals” are kicking it up a notch. The show is nothing short of spectacular. You have seen the reviews and the clips.. now it’s time to add this to your list of “must do’s”.

May 6 @ 9pm the curtains go up on their anxiously awaited return. Don’t miss out on a night of great music, star studded line of talent and the laughs are side splitting.

Tickets are $45 plus tax so get yours now before we sell out yet again.

Call 705-294-4998 to get your tickets now.

JUNE 3 @9pm Hypnotist and Comedy Tickets $15

We are pleased to announce another night of comedic mystery and intrigue to our line up of 2023 events.

Alex Champ known for his ability to bring laughs and comedy to any room. Think your above being hypnotized? ….think again. Willing and wanting participants are choose from the audience to assist in the evenings laughter.

Tickets are $15 per person with a portion of the proceeds from each ticket sold going to support a very worthwhile and important project in Innisfil.

The community fridge project was re-named in October 2021 in loving memory of resident, business owner, and community builder Troy Scott, who tragically lost his life in June 2021. Troy was a beacon of the community, known for his generosity and community support. The Troy Scott Community Fridges aim to carry on Troy’s legacy of generosity and kindness, which reached every corner of the Innisfil community.

With the blessing of those that monitor the need for this project we look forward to filling the shelves with this event.

This night of laughter and fun is for all ages and definitely fun for all. So grab the family, your besties or the neighbours from the block and have a great night out while making a difference in our community.

Enjoyed another evening with The Divas! Pics from our April 9, 2022 evening.

When are you joining us?

For Dining/Reservations call 705-294-4998

Or Takeout call 705-294-4999

7975 Yonge Street, Units 3A & 3B, Innisfil, Ontario L9S 1L2