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G.D. Wings (1 lb)
George Diamantakos was a long time resident of Stroud and loved patron.  His passing in December 2016 rippled through the community, leaving behind his five sons to carry on the family name, Geoff, Alex, John, Eric & Andres.  These wings comprised of cream sauce, honey garlic, hot sauce & special seasoning was George’s creation.  In his memory, the GD Wing was created.  They made him smile every time!

Single Order (one flavour) 1 lb

Double Order (two flavours) 2 lbs

Tripple Order (three flavours) 3 lbs

Double It & Double It Again (four flavours) 4 lbs

Guys Night Out (five flavours) 5 lbs

If you can eat more, let us know and we will quote you on it.


  • BBQ
  • Honey Garlic
  • Butter & Herb
  • Lemon Pepper
  • All Sticky (Honey Garlic, Parmesan & Spices)
  • Just a Kiss (Honey Garlic, Seasonings & Spices)
  • Roman Love (Honey Garlic, Caesar & Spices)
  • Lime & Pepper
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Cajun Dusted
  • Caesar (Parmesan & Spices)
  • Campfire (Medium, BBQ & Spices)
  • Southern Comfort (Medium, Honey & Spices)
  • Cougar (Medium, Parmesan & Spices)
  • Slippery Slope (Medium, Pepper Sauce & Spices)
  • Sweet & Nasty (Hot, Honey Garlic)
  • Skid Row (Hot, Mustard & Spices)
  • Red Eye (Special Hot Sauce, Parmesan & Spices)
  • I Have the Sweats (Hot & Special Sauce)
  • Smokin’ Hot Blonde (BBQ & Hint of Caesar)
  • Fires of Hell (EXTREME HOT **WARNING)